Legal Service for Expats in China

Jay & Shaw is a law firm with years of experience in helping foreigners living in China to deal with legal issues. Our specialties include but not limited to prenuptial agreement, marriage, divorce, adoption, inheritance, lease, real estate investment, labor and employment, taxation, IPR, criminal defense, civil representation, etc.. We will work with clients to find the best solution for any legal problem that might arise, and will do so with an attentiveness and affordability that larger firms cannot match.

The lawyers of Jay & Shaw have received top notch educations from institutions all over the globe, including Duke University School of Law, and Beijing University School of Law.

Accordingly Jay & Shaw is well equipped to represent foreign clients in all legal issues arising out of living in China. Through our experience and expertise, Jay & Shaw can anticipate and solve all your legal problems in an expedient and cost effective manner. We are dedicated to making your stay in China as successful as possible.


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