Work Visa Application for Foreign Investors

Work Visa Application for Foreign Investors

Here at Jay & Shaw our experienced team of professional lawyers provides comprehensive legal services for investors to establish their business in China. One of many rewarding opportunities for foreign investors upon registering a business in China includes being issued a Chinese Work (Z) Visa.  In fact, there are several exclusive benefits regarding this visa that are available ONLY by registering a business in China.


Advantages of Obtaining a Work (Z) Visa by Company Registration:

Freedom & Stability! - Receive a Work (Z) Visa valid for 2 years for you (as opposed to only 1 year validity if you are not the employer)

Family & Co.! - Family members and employees can receive a Work (Z) Visa valid for 1 year

Independence! - Control over your own job and future in China (instead of depending on an unreliable employer for employment and visa renewal)

Growth & Prosperity! – Unprecedented access to China’s many lucrative and growing markets such as the real estate market


Only by setting up a company in China can you obtain the maximum benefits that this visa has to offer. At Jay & Shaw, we advise foreign entrepreneurs that a secure and convenient way to obtain the Work (Z) Visa is by registering a company in China including WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise), JV (Joint Venture), RO (Representative Office).


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