Foreign Investment

With the trend of economic globalization and the booming of Chinese economy, more and more foreign investors are seeking investment opportunities in China. In the wake of the fast development of foreign-invested enterprises, professional legal service has never been so indispensable to foreign-invested enterprises and investors.

Foreign investment is one of the key practice areas of Jay & Shaw. Over the years, Jay & Shaw has provided legal services for a great number of foreign clients on the establishment of various corporate structures, including joint-equity enterprises, cooperative joint venture enterprises, wholly foreign owned enterprises, investment companies, regional headquarters, permanent representative offices, and other corporate structures. In particular, Jay & Shaw assists its foreign clients in the formulation of investment strategies and structures, negotiation, coordination with government authorities, and documentation. Jay & Shaw also assists its foreign clients in conducting professional due diligence investigation and feasibility analysis, and provides a full range of legal advice and consultation on the management and operation issues of foreign-invested enterprises, such as tax, financing, and employment issues. The active participation of Jay & Shaw in foreign investment field greatly facilitates the process of localization of multi-corporations.

Jay & Shaw has many seasoned professionals in the area of foreign investment. Thanks to our significant experience accumulated in the last decades, we are able to provide our foreign clients with outstanding legal service involving every aspect of investment matters.

As a specialized and professional law firm in the field of foreign investment, Jay & Shaw has advised a great number of foreign clients with their investment projects in China. We are highly regarded for our outstanding legal services in protecting our clients’ interests and assisting our clients to enter into Chinese Market.


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