Foreign SMEs

Legal Services especially Tailored for Foreign Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

The steady growth of Chinese economy and its vast market scale attract not only direct investments by multi-corporations but also a great amount of investment from small and medium foreign investors. According to statistics, small and medium foreign investment accounts for more than 60% of total foreign investment in China. However, due to various reasons, small and medium foreign investors currently are facing legal difficulties in China:

Small and medium foreign investors are unfamiliar with Chinese business and legal environment, such as central and regional laws and regulations, governmental administrations and procedures, investment industry restrictions, etc.

Small and medium foreign investments are relatively smaller than investments by multi-corporations in term of investment scale. Consequently, they are unable to afford the highly expensive legal costs charged by large law firms. Small and medium foreign investors very likely choose not to retain a qualified professional legal counsel. 

Jay & Shaw focuses its practice on small and medium foreign investors in order to assist them in investing in China. With lawyers who have been practicing more than ten years, Jay & Shaw has emerged as one of the best specialized and experienced law firm in the area of foreign investment. We are able to offer professional and highly efficient legal services to small and medium foreign investors,at a price that larger firms cannot match.


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