Dispute Resolutions

Dispute Resolutions

Besides offering conventional legal services, Jay & Shaw is also specialized in processing serious disputes for our clients.  Members of our practice group have represented a large amount of significant and complicated litigations and arbitrations.  Such cases were usually involved with tens of millions or even hundreds of millions CNY including those widely influenced the legal profession or even the public society.

Each year, we participate in the second instance or retrial cases that were heard in the Supreme People’s Court of PRC.  All of our clients are satisfied with the court’s judgment or decision.  Our successes earn us a good reputation and win trust of our clients.  In addition, we have represented many significant international arbitrations involved tens of millions USD which were heard in China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and other arbitral institutions abroad.  Based upon the outstanding experience and education background, our people are frequently appointed by of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to be the arbitrator to arbitrate the international business disputes in Hong Kong, Paris, and Amsterdam with foreign arbitrators.

With more than fifteen years professional career, our senior lawyers possess abundant experience and excellent controlling ability on civil and commercial cases, and profound comprehension and accomplishment on processing serious business dispute resolution.  Accordingly, they are capable of offering constructive and practical legal advices or settlement schedules to our clients. 

We have recognized that it will concern the most important commercial value of an enterprise to resolve the business dispute nicely, sometimes even threaten the existence of a business.  Moreover, due to the complexity and pluralism of law, a final judgment of each dispute depends on a series of factors, for instance, whether the facts of the case have been grasped sufficiently, whether relative evidences have been fully collected, whether the background of the dispute and the strength contrast of the parties have been known, whether related law, regulations, judicial interpretation, valid case, industry rules and even the academic research articles of the judge or arbitrator have been collected all.   

Thus, when undertaking a case, we persist in, by all kinds of means, finding out each and every relevant fact, evidence, regulation and other source of law, with our professional practice of preciseness and conscientiousness, to match the case and research it prudently from different aspects, so as to scheme out any possible solution.  As a rule, we will take full account of the potential influence of each solution and ensure it has been completely understood by our client, in order for assisting them to choose a more reliable and manageable approach.
The same working is also applicable to act for the defendant.  We always choose the only way by considering each and every fact and relevant law.  Moreover, we will find out the flaw of the plaintiff’s indictment to keep the progress of the whole case in control to frustrate the plaintiff’s requests farthest.  

Besides outstanding professional accomplishment, a lawyer handling the important dispute should be a sociologist or even a real psychologist with abundant social experience and life apperception, therefore in the process of the litigation, he/she could jugde observantly the meaning contained in each and every word of any participator, even an act or expression of them as well as its meaning backside, consequently make corresponding preparation and reactions. Further, we specially regard to manage psychology knowledge and experience while preparing pleadings and in the hearing, which make for our winning of the judge’s understandings and agreements. 

In conclusion, as though climbing a mountain, the different scenery you have lies on the route you have chose in the beginning.  We will inevitably fall across all kinds of complexion on account of different solution or attitude we are keeping when handling an important dispute.  Accordingly, by virtue of its solid strength, our group is devoted to control the dispute from the beginning of processing the case until win.


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