One Stop Service for Regulator Compliance

One Stop Service for Regulatory Compliance

Here at Jay and Shaw, we offer top of the range legal assistance to expatriates involved within the Chinese business realm. The maintaining of Chinese business can be a difficult task, especially without the necessary knowledge in this area. At Jay and Shaw, we work with our clients to ensure the company’s maintenance is a consistent priority handled in an all-inclusive manner, working to our fullest extent to alleviate them of any problems.

 Our Full Range of Services: 

  • Capital income tax reporting on a quarterly basis;

  • Business tax, VAT tax and individual income tax reporting on a monthly basis;

  • Payroll and social security reporting on a monthly basis;

  • Book keeping on a monthly basis;

  • Accounting reports both on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis;

  • Safe custody of Fapiao printing system and issuing Fapiaos as daily business needs;

  • Safe keeping of company official chops and stamps;

  • Safe custody and management of bank accounts as daily business needs;

  • Safe custody of all important kinds of license, certificate, etc.;

  • All kinds of licenses and certificates checking and renewing on an annual basis;

  • Affixing official chops on legal documents as requested;

  • Other administrative assistance as requested subject to negotiation.

 Why you should use a lawyer for company maintenance:

  • Establishing a business in China involves much more than registration

  • There are legal implications in all these areas, which can only be addressed by lawyers.

  • Most of the work required is beyond the capabilities of those who are not lawyers.

  • Lawyers can also advise on the correct description of the scope of a business, which can give the business enormous tax benefits.

In choosing us, your experience in the Chinese business realm is guaranteed to be one of a smooth guiding nature, with efficient, personal care taken. To us you are not just a client, but someone we want to use our expertise to assist.


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