About Us

During the last twenty years the Chinese legal service sector has undergone a transformation marked by unprecedented growth, both domestically and on a global scale. In this short period of time, Chinese legal professionals have reached a level of sophistication in the legal field it has taken countries abroad over a century to achieve. Jay & Shaw is a law firm on the forefront of this legal advancement, and focuses on the facilitating interaction between China and the rest of the world, specializing in matters dealing with foreign companies conducting business in China.

Jay & Shaw boasts an impressive staff, all of whom have received a top notch legal educational from a wide range of prestigious institutions in both China and abroad. These institutions include, Peking University, Nanjing University, University of International Business and Economics, China University of Political Science and Law, Duke University, and University of Hertfordshire in the UK.

To better serve its clients, Jay & Shaw has reached out to law firms in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and various other nations. Through the relationships Jay & Shaw has forged, we have built a tight knit international network to aptly accommodate our worldwide clientele in their transnational business pursuits. As a firm focused on international transactions, Jay & Shaw is able to offer legal services in multiple languages, which include English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Furthermore, based on Jay & Shaw’s immaculate practice background, senior lawyers of Jay & Shaw have been appointed as arbitrators by International Chamber of Commerce to arbitrate major international commercial disputes in places such as Hong Kong, Paris, and Amsterdam.

Not only does Jay & Shaw have a vast international network and wealth of experience in providing legal aid to clients from many different nationalities, but we are also deeply in touch with our clients’ needs and can provide assistance in a wide range of investment projects, including FDI, PE, M&A, and Venture Capital. In the field of foreign investment, Jay & Shaw is able to provide assistance in business negotiations, investment structures, feasibility research reports,, tax law, foreign currency exchange , labor law, and in attaining relevant government approvals and registrations.

Through the extensive international network Jay & Shaw has cultivated, we are also uniquely equipped to provide legal aid to Chinese investors seeking investment opportunities abroad, as well provide services in regards to work permits and immigration proceedings for Chinese clients.

Jay & Shaw has significant experience in dispute settlements of major commercial issue involving foreign investment. In the last more than ten years, Jay & Shaw has assisted many clients in resolving commercial disputes, and major transnational business arbitrations. Jay & Shaw has also took part in high stakes litigations, some cases having been resolved in the Supreme Court of PRC.

Jay & Shaw is a firm that’s on the pulse of the global legal community, and our strength lies in our ability to adapt to the ever changing needs of international clientele and provide them with our expert services in an attentive manner. We seek to demystify China’s legal process, not only by providing regular legal counseling, but also by resolving any disputes which should arise, in the way most ideal for our clients.

Our comprehensive services and dedication to professionalism have garnered us wide acclaim from our clients, and led to fruitful business relationships which have lasted more than a decade. As our clients will attest, Jay & Shaw is regarded as one of the best law firms specializing in the field of foreign investment within China.


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