Labor & Employment

When labor and employment issues arise, time is of the essence. Without professional guidance and experts familiar with Chinese labor law, labor issues can be seen as insurmountable obstacles by both foreign employers and employees.

At Jay & Shaw, we help our clients in all kinds of labor disputes, particularly disputes occurring in foreign investment enterprises (FIE). We ensure that our client’s labor strategies conform to their overall strategic goals by first ensuring both current and future regulatory compliance is strong, and secondly by helping implement culturally aware internal labor policies.

Jay & Shaw’s labor and employment practice group have been actively involved in guiding our clients in the following ways:

  • establishing labor management systems;

  • resolving complicated employment disputes;

  • drafting employment contracts;

  • non-competition agreements and non-disclosure agreements; -preparing employee handbook, corporate rules and policies;

  • providing legal advice on labor protection;

  • work-related injuries;

  • occupational disease;

  • remuneration, compensation and social insurance;

  • assisting in employee lay-offs and displacements in corporate –acquisitions;

  • liquidations, and restructuring proceedings.


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